You may have some questions about the Kid Film Festival. Answers to common questions are below. If there’s a question you still have, feel free to ask it in a comment on this page.

Questions About Entering:

What if I’m 18, can I enter?

You can enter films/videos you made when you were 16 or below. We want the videos to have been made in the past 5 years, so if you are 18, you could submit videos you created when you were as young as 13 and as old as 16.

What is considered a film?

Oddly enough, it is rare that someone uses actual film anymore thanks to advancements in digital technology. By film, we mean a digital video, or more simply, a video that you have uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. We’re not being specific about what kind of film you create. It could be anything from a humorous music video parody to a suspenseful stop-motion animation. Your video should probably be at least 30 seconds long and probably no longer than 30 minutes. Just keep in mind that it will be shown to an audience of people who are looking forward to entertaining videos. Being our first year, we are much more flexible then normal, so if in doubt, submit your film.

What Size & Format Do You Want the Videos to Be In?

Since we’re having you upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo first, file format shouldn’t be an issue. If you have the ability, we’d love it if your videos were 720p (1280×720 pixels) because they will project well. If you use Vimeo, please make your video downloadable.


General Questions:

Will there be awards?

Besides seeing your video on the big screen in front of friends and family (or if you can’t attend, knowing that your video made a festival & was shown to a large audience), we do plan on awarding many of the films. We don’t know the specific categories yet, but we’re sure there will be a stop motion animation and a live action category. The films will be selected by a panel of kids and judged by a panel of kids.

What will it be like?

It will be a two hour event featuring a large number of films and some surprise guests. There will be a red carpet treatment for kid filmmakers who attend and a photographer on hand to capture the moment. There will also be a small film crew.